Fawlty Audition Notice (3)

Audition bookings are now closed for– ‘Fawlty Towers’

We are proud to announce our cast for October’s production of Fawlty Towers: Live at The Cube!

Basil – Colum Cox
Sybil – Colette Quinn
Polly – Kendall King
Manuel – Matt Lane
Major Gowan – Cleve Shaw
Miss Tibbs – Sarah Dudley
Miss Gatsby – Rachel Huntington
Terry – Scott Bishop
Sister – Mary O’Connell
Doctor – Andrew Baily
Mr Sharp – James Bowen
Mrs Sharp – Tanya Harvey
Mrs Wilson – Jenny Cartledge
1st German – Jacob McCrohan
2nd German – Drew Wighton
1st German Woman – Caitlin Bryce
2nd German Woman – Emily Strachan
1st Elderly German – Ken Pullen
2nd Elderly German – Nick Popovich
Mrs Richards – Rose Sexton
Mr Firkins – Andrew Baily
Mr Kerr – Ken Pullen
Mr Mackintosh – Nick Popovich
Mr Yardley – Tim Van Veen
Mr Thurston – James Strachan
Taxi Driver – James Bowen
Mr Johnstone – Drew Wighton
Mrs Johnstone – Ro McGillivray
Mr Arrad – Jacob McCrohan
Mrs Arrad – Tanya Harvey
Mr Lisbon – Ash Justin
Miss Hare – Caitin Brice
Miss Gurke – Emily Strachan
Mr Hamilton – Shane Douthie
Mrs Hamilton – Helen Lockhart

Congratulations everyone!

Download your show pack: TOTC Fawlty Towers – Audition Pack

Download the full script: TOTC – Fawlty Towers SCRIPT

Three episodes of the classic TV series are brought to life on stage.




Diplomacy is Basil’s middle name as he strives to meet his self-imposed directive, “don’t mention the war,” in The Germans.

How will Basil ever cope with a deaf guest who refuses to turn on her hearing aid in Communication Problems?

And discover Basil’s culinary skills (if he can ever track down the elusive Waldorf) and watch helplessly as he clashes with a formidable American in Waldorf Salad.

Add to the mix Sybil – Basil’s “overbearing” wife; Polly the conscientious University-student housemaid; and Manuel, a waiter whose grasp on the English language would be smoother if he simply grabbed a live tiger by the tail; and you have all the necessary ingredients for a hilarious evening’s entertainment!

Director Alex Gibbs says, “Basil Fawlty is one of the great comic characters of all time. Imagine the owner/manager of a seaside Hotel who loathes the job, the guests and his staff.”

“Then the sheer genius of pairing him with an eager to please waiter with just enough knowledge of English to get himself into a lot of trouble, and you have the basis for one of the funniest shows ever to grace the small screen.”

“And then the cast is brilliantly balanced with the cool common sense of Polly and the gentler sarcasm of Basil’s long suffering wife Sibyl.”

“Only twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers were ever made and so the audience will get to see a quarter of all the shows in one evening.”

“The three episodes have been carefully chosen to feature many of the Fawlty Towers favorite guest characters and give a good flavor of the breadth of the comedy showcased by both series.



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