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Taming of the Shrew

Friday 14, Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September 2018

The Taming of the Shrew is more than a battle of the sexes, it comments on how society treats women like Katherina more harshly than men like Petruchio. Because she is outspoken and independent, Katherina will be called a “shrew”. Petruchio, who is also outspoken, will muddle his way through winning her love, completely accepted by society, despite his ludicrous actions. After testing each other’s boundaries, they will negotiate peace in their marriage because neither of them care about fitting in.

Luca and Traina will scheme to win Bianca’s love. Hortensio and Giuseppe will show exactly how little men know about impressing women. Baptista, Vincent and the Merchant will get muddled up in the plan of mistaken identity. While Maria and Bella will watch the story unfold with amusement, sometimes adding in their own mischief.

This production is a retelling of Shakespeare’s play – the language, characters and setting have been updated. The performance will be staged in-the-round, will be set in the 1950s and explore the theme of fitting in and fulfilling society’s expectations.

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Scene Changes, is a comic farce in two Acts. The first Act takes the audience behind the scenes at an Amateur Theatre performance, and introduces them to the backstage crew and the actors before they don their characters. The second Act is presented from the audiences’ perspective on stage, where we see the hilarious consequences of the backstage antics. Written by Peter Uniacke.


Scott Bishop                       STEVE (aka “STEVE”)

Darcie Campbell               TYLER (aka “EINSTEIN”)

William Cochrane            LIEUT. JAMES “BIFF” GRAINGER

Colm Cox                             DR. ALEXANDER DEATH (that’s “Deeth”)

Mitch Daglish                     REV. PARKER; : MAXIMILLIAN SCHNELL

Miguel de Oliveira            DIRECTOR

Andrina Dixen                   MISS LOUISE BLAND

Christine Duff                    B1 (plays LADY BLAND – SNOBBINGTON SMYTH)

Kazmer Harangozo          ROBBO (aka – rarely “Gordon”)

Shannon Heness              SISTER OPHELIA (Corsican Twin)

Holly Johnson                    TAH-NIA (aka “NIDA”)

Danielle Mohr                   BINTY (Corsican Twin, aka CONSTANCE TRULOVE)

Caitlyn Peffer                    KATE (aka – rarely “KISS ME”)

Drew Sandford                  COURIER

Joshua Sandford               TECHIE ROY

Cleve Shaw                         B2 (plays CARRUTHERS)

Laura Uniacke                    STAGE MANAGER (aka “Madam Lash”)


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