Butterfly Lounge

 The Butter Factory Theatre

13, 14 October, 2017


Saturday 27 May Sunday 28 May

between 12pm and 4pm

Thurgoona Community Centre.

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Chicago, Christmas Eve 1928. Elliot ‘Lio’ Byrne is drowning his sorrows at the Butterfly Lounge, an illegal speakeasy in the most dangerous neighbourhood in town. After a big opening number from the house band, Lio unsuccessfully flirts with Nancy the waitress, before he’s confronted in quick succession by by his wife Maggie and his daughter Amy. It is revealed that Lio is from 2017, and the Butterfly and all its staff are in his imagination. Maggie and Amy both implore Lio to come home, but instead opts to gossip with Ernie the bartender and Ralph the pianist about the new gangster in town, Charlie Drinkwater. To lighten the mood Ralph plays a short rag inspired by Jelly Roll Morton, before Lio’s best friend Cal shows up to give him grief about hiding from his responsibilities. Lio still doesn’t listen, as Nancy has just agreed to perform a song with the band, but Nancy turns the tables on him: she says she’ll only sing if Lio promises to go home immediately afterwards. Lio is about to make good on his promise when two goons burst in and drag him away, explaining that Drinkwater would like a word with him.

Later that night, in Drinkwater’s office, a terrified Lio conjures up Nancy to make him feel better, but his imagination goes a little overboard and brings the entire Butterfly staff into the room – including the piano – before Charlie Drinkwater shows up and they disappear. It turns out Drinkwater is a woman, and she sings a song to intimidate him before getting down to business: what’s he doing in Chicago? Lio comes clean about hiding from his family, then Amy appears and begins talking to Charlie. Lio is bemused that his daughter is able to interact with fictional characters, and promises to call her in the morning if she goes to bed. Amy complies, and alone again with Charlie, he questions her about how she gained control over the North Side, while she questions him about his relationship with Maggie. Eventually Maggie shows up to tell her side of the story, and Charlie leaves them alone to talk. Lio tries to kiss her, but she takes him to task about his intentions. When he won’t answer, she storms out, leaving him alone again… and suddenly back at the Butterfly.

It’s New Year’s Eve and the band are playing again. Cal is back, and she and Lio sing a song they used to perform in college, before Charlie shows up and Nancy pulls a gun on her, realising Charlie was responsible for her boyfriend’s murder. Leroy rushes in and takes the bullet for Nancy, who rushes him to the hospital, leaving Charlie and Lio alone. Lio encourages Charlie to give up a business she clearly hates, and they dance together to one of Ralph’s songs as 1928 ends. Lio kisses her, and Amy reappears, telling him that’s the last straw: it’s time to say goodbye… but not before he gives each of his characters an ending. Nancy sings one last song, and Lio leaves with his family.

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