Much Ado About Nothing

Albury Botanic Gardens, Albury

Fri, Sat March 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2015

William Shakespeare probably wrote ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in the middle of his career in 1598 or 1599. It is one of Shakespeare’s most widely performed plays, and certainly one of his most popular. The themes of love, mistaken identity, sexual jealousy, honour, betrayal and friendship all play out against the background of the Sicilian countryside.

The play examines the character arcs of Benedick and Beatrice, as they move from apparently detesting one another and disdaining love, to finally admitting their feelings for one another with the help of their friends. Both are tricked into admitting their feelings by the end of the play. The play also deals with Hero and Claudio as they fall in love, only to be nearly thwarted by the villainous Don John.

We also meet the Watch, Messina’s police force, headed up by the self-important but comically idiotic Dogberry. He is assisted by Verges, and they head up a fine (well, sort of …) body of constables who save the day, in spite of themselves.


  1. Antonio
  2. Benedick
  3. Beatrice

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