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Fri, Sat November 9, 10, 16, 17 2018


Missed cues, dodgy sets, absent sound effects and misplaced props are ordinarily a Directors nightmare.

“Scene Changes is set on the opening night performance of, “The Curse of the Ming Vase,” a period murder mystery performed by the fictional Crampston Regional Amateur Performers.”

“The audience is first treated to a backstage view of the cast and crew as they prepare to WOW the audience. Of course, with such an eccentric cast of characters both on the stage and off, everything has to (and will) go wrong!”

“After intermission, the tables are turned, literally, and the audience will get to see the consequences on stage of all the mistakes that have been made.”

SCENE CHANGES has been written by Border local, Peter Uniacke.

Director Miguel de Oliveira said, “I would describe Scene Changes as a play within a play, a cross between the concepts behind Noises Off and The Play That Goes Wrong. Some of the best comedy is the result of things going awry. This is a fast-paced show and from Divas to Dunderheads, Larrikins to layabouts, you will identify with at least one of these characters or their situations. Written and produced locally, it is great family entertainment.”



Scott Bishop                      Steve Delgano (aka “STEVE”)

Darcie Campbell              Tyler Robertson (aka “EINSTEIN”)

Miguel de Oliveira           Mervyn Scruggs

Kazmer Harangozo         Gordon Robinson (aka – “ROBBO”)

Holly Johnson                 Tah-nia Fox (aka “NIDA”)

Caitlyn Peffer                   Kate Brady (aka – “KATE”)

Laura Uniacke                 Veronica Lash (aka “Madam Lash”)

Joshua Sandford             Roy Cash

Andrew Sandford            Crampston Courier



William Cochrane            Lieut. James “Biff” Grainger

Kyle Peters                        Lieut. James “Biff” Grainger

Colm Cox                           Dr. Alexander Death (that’s “Deeth”)

Mitch Daglish                   Rev. Nathaniel Parker, Maximillian Schnell

Andrina Dixen                  Miss Louise Bland

Christine Duff                   Lady Bland – Snobbington Smyth

Ruth Mohr                         Sister Ophelia (Corsican Twin)

Danielle Mohr                   Constance Trulove (Binty) (Corsican Twin)

Cleve Shaw                         Carruthers


Directors Notes:

My note is a list of hearty THANK YOUs to all the people that help make a show like this possible.

Thanks to Peter Uniacke for capturing the disorder that sometimes occurs behind the scenes. He has done this almost too well…Multi talented, he created the fictional Crampston Regional Amateur Performers and their various eccentric characters and painted Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers to decorate the set. A painting of a vase. It all makes sense. He is already working on the next play. Keep them coming Peter.

Thanks to the wonderfully patient cast who at times during rehearsals must have wondered how all the confusion and bedlam would all come together.

And a big big thanks to Jamie-lee Mccall who has been invaluable in designing and building the set, sourcing set decorations and set pieces. Her enthusiasm and creativity is amazing. Thank you.

Thanks to you the audience, for supporting local theatre. If you’d like to get involved, please get in contact with us. It only takes a phone call…that’s how it all started for me.



Miguel de Oliveira

Authors Notes:

It was in 2014, as a way of celebrating our wonderful local Amateur theatre scene here on the Border, that the idea of having a play which paid homage to the back-stage crew was born. I wanted to give the audience the experience of what it was like to be “out the back” on opening night.

At the time The Other Theatre Company was holding a series of Writers workshops for the stage. I asked for anecdotes. Those moments when things go wrong. On stage. In front of a live audience.

The discussion that followed not only yielded over 35 examples; but also had our little group both gasping in amazement and producing gales of laughter. I promised to go away and write a full-length play that incorporated the whole list. And so, Scene Changes was born.

A special thank you to Director Miguel de Oliveira, for boldly taking on an old fashioned “farce” in two Acts and getting it “up on the boards.” Thanks to the cast and crew for bringing the authors words so vividly to life.

Scene Changes is unique in that almost all of the real back-stage crew get to play a character on stage at some time during the play, giving them the acknowledgement they so richly deserve.

Enjoy the (organised) chaos.

Peter Uniacke


Program Design:               Laura Uniacke of Ruby Jay Design

Program Printed by:        Quantum Printing

Backstage:                          Cast and Crew

Stage Manager:                 Andrew Sandford

Costumes:                          Ro McGillivray

Promotions:                       Christine Duff, Ro McGillivray

Props:                                  Peter Uniacke, Miguel de Oliveira

Sunflowers Painting:        Peter Uniacke

Set Design:                          Jamie-lee Mccall

Set Building:                       Peter Uniacke, Miguel de Oliveira, Jamie-lee Mccall, Kaz Harangozo, George Pender, Andrew Sandford, Josh Sandford

Set Furniture:                    Jamie-lee Mccall, AWTCo, Peter Uniacke

Lighting and Sound:        Darby Quinlivan, Miguel de Oliveira

Producer:                           Peter Uniacke

Director:                            Miguel de Oliveira

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