Albion Hotel, Albury

Thu December 1, 8, 2016


The adults only dinner and show aims to present a fun filled night with sketches from The Catherine Tate Show, The Two Ronnies, Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson, Little Britain and Hale and Pace.

Relive the four candles, argument and dead parrot sketches and find out if Lauren can be “Bovvered”. The show is designed to entertain you in between the delicious 3 course meal on offer from The Albion Hotel.

Director Simon Goss says, “The sketches chosen are some of the most well known in British comedy. It has been an absolute hoot bringing these to stage.”

“It has been easy to cast this show with people quite willing to perform some of their favourite sketches. Hopefully they will be yours as well. There’s enough variety to please everyone I think.”

“The show is ideal for organisations looking for something a little different to celebrate Christmas.”


Bouncer 1                                   THOMAS KEATING

Bouncer 2                                  SCOTT BISHOP

Waitress/Argument                LAURA SHERIDAN

Customer/Argument             ANDREW BAILY

Ray                                            ASH JUSTIN

Janice                                       LAURA UNIACKE

Carol                                         NICK POPVICH

Lou                                           SIMON GOSS

Andy                                         JUSTIN BRICE

Pianist                                      DARBY QUINLIVAN

Schoolmaster – roll call       DARBY QUINLIVAN

Waiter/Abuse                        SIMON GOSS

Lauren                                     LAURA UNIACKE

Liese                                        JOHANNA UNIACKE

Ryan                                       THOMAS KEATING

Priest/Grace                         MIGUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Sit on my face                      CLEVE SHAW, SIMON GOSS, ASH JUSTIN, MIGUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Devil Toby                            DARBY QUINLIVAN

Voice over                            DARBY QUINLIVAN

Gregory                                THOMAS KEATING

Michael/PM                        SIMON GOSS

Sebastian                            DARBY QUINLIVAN

Argumentator                    MIGUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Barker                                 NICK POPVICH

Corbett                              ASH JUSTIN

Billy                                    SCOTT BISHOP

Johnny                               THOMAS KEATING

Customer – Cheeseshop    JACOB MCCROHAN

Waiter – Cheeseshop    ANDREW BAILY

Customer Parrot              SIMON GOSS

Owner Parrot                  ANDREW BAILY

Priest – Galilee               CLEVE SHAW

Teacher – French           MANDY RATTRAY

Wife – Dirty Fork           LAURA SHERIDAN

Man – Dirty Fork           GEORGE PENDER

Waiter – Dirty Fork       JUSTIN BRICE

H/Waiter – Dirty Fork  SCOTT BISHOP

Manager – Dirty Fork   JACOB MCCROHAN

Cook – Dirty Fork          CLEVE SHAW

Yorkshireman 1              SCOTT BISHOP

Yorkshireman 2             JUSTIN BRICE

Yorkshireman 3             CLEVE SHAW

Yorkshireman 4             ANDREW BAILY

Waitress                          LAURA SHERIDAN

Bounder of Adventure  JACOB MCCROHAN

Smoketoomuch              SIMON GOSS

Headmaster                   MIGUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Mr Perkins                     JUSTIN BRICE

Wife – PM           JOHANNA UNIACKE


Director/Writer                  SIMON GOSS

Producer                              MIGUEL DE OLIVEIRA

Costumes                              CAST, JOCELYN BRICE


Props                                     SIMON GOSS, CAST

Sets                                         SIMON GOSS, GEORGE PENDER, ROHAN O’FARRELL

Stage Management            NICOLE O’FARRELL, CAITLIN BRICE

Graphic Designer             LAURA UNIACKE of RUBY JAY DESIGN

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